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 My name is Jessie Jaklien Voermans. I live in the Netherlands, but I also spend time in Spain to hide from winter. I am active in the creative & social field, trying to connect creative expression, education and social elements. I love to work with children. They are an important resource of inspiration for me. I strongly believe in the use of art to achieve social goals. Art is always an instrument for me, never a goal on itself. I have a Master degree in child & youth psychology and a Master degree in Fine Arts (with distinction). This educational background matches perfectly with what I like to do most: work on (child) development and social awareness -also my own-  by using a variety of creative means. I do not intent to exhibit my work in a galery or a museum: the achievement I have in mind with my work is to create impact and dialogue on a local and personal level in society. 

I spent five years in the Dutch Caribbean, working with children. It was a great learning experience and it taught me to see things from different perspectives. 

This website shows some of the creative/artistic and social  projects that I have worked on. Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to know more!

Are you interested in my contribution to  the No-Show MA Fine Art 2020 exhibition? Please go here.